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Monday, August 24, 2009

Beagle Dog Description

Beagle dog is included in Hound breed group with height up to 13 inches and have any true color of hound (tricolor). It’s coat are very sleek, hard, short, never soft or silky. It has a hound type coat of medium length, so grooming for this dog relatively easy. This breed is looks like small English Fox Hound.

Beagle dog was originally aimed for hunting and very great when hunting hare, pheasant, or quail. This dog has the tendency to follow his nose and ignore anything because this dog is being a scent dog, so obedience training at early age is a must. This breed originated as a cross between Herrier and many other hounds in England.beagle dogs puppies picture

Beagle is very energetic and active. This breed is alert and of even temperament, so not to show signs of timidity or aggression. They can be very mischievous and very bold, thus make precaution when training and socializing this dog is a must.

Beagle is a wonderful friend for many families, because they are happy and adaptable dog. This breed is very eager to please and is very intelligent, but they lose their interest quickly because they tend to follow their scent. So, to cope with this condition, consistent, gentle, and appropriate training to focusing on something that catches his interest is a must.

The dog should get daily brushing to remove any dead or loose hair. A wipe down with a wet towel should as sufficient as bathing; however a rubber, wire, or hard bristled brush would work best for the brushing. Beagle dog’s ears should be cleaned regularly because they prone to have ear infection. And their nails also should be trimmed.

Beagle dogs are outdoorsy type and like long walking. They have great stamina and walking twice a day is recommended. Remember, they are having high hunting instinct thus they should always be kept on leash or in fenced when they are in yard. Because they prone to run when find something that catch their interest.

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