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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

kintamani dog for sale

Kintamani dog or puppy is a dog breed native Bali. This canine is an evolving breed indigenous to the Kintamani region of Bali. Kintamani dogs cohabitation with Bali street dogs, although folklore said that the breed originating 600 years ago from a Chinese Chow Chow. The physical and personality characteristics of the Kintamani dog make it a popular pet among Balinese and efforts are currently under way to have the dog accepted by the Federation Cynologique Internationale as a recognized breed. To study the genetic background of the Kintamani dog, 31 highly polymorphic short tandem repeat markers were analyzed in Kintamani dogs, Bali street dogs, Australian dingoes, and nine American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized breeds of Asian or European origin. The Kintamani dog was identical to the Bali street dog at all but three loci. The Bali street dog and Kintamani dog were most closely aligned with the Australian dingo and distantly related to AKC recognized breeds of Asian but not European origin. Therefore, the Kintamani dog has evolved from Balinese feral dogs with little loss of genetic diversity.
If you want to find kintamani puppy for sale you can check :

exercise and training of siberian husky

The exercise requirements of the Siberian husky are considerable. Huskies have been bred to run. Daily on-lead walking, running, hiking, biking, also will keep him fit and happy in your company. Allowing free running exercise in an unenclosed environment poses the risk of the dog being lost, run over, or shot by a farmer. If you are unable or unwilling to provide a great deal of controlled exercise, including mentally stimulating activities, then the Siberian is not the right breed for you. To avoid crippling stress-related injury to developing bones and joints care must be taken not to over-exercise the growing puppies.Basic obedience training is important to gain the respect of the dog and to instill good manners. An agreeable and willing worker the Siberian will obey commands readily once he has understood their meaning. Siberian Huskies are rarely fazed by new situations, experiences, or people, but it is wise to thoroughly socialize the dog from an early age to ensure that he grows to be a confident, outgoing adult.

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more about chihuahua

Chihuahua firstly found in Mexico, 1850. This canine used to be a sacrifice animal in Aztec era. If an Aztec noble dead, Chihuahua always grieved together with the corpse, because it’s believed that the dog can lead the noble spirit to reach paradise. The breed that we know now is a cross of Toltec canine, Chinese crested, and Techichi.
Chihuahua is the smallest dog in this world, we’ve all know it. Its adult body weight is about 1-2.7 kg with height 20cm from toe till back. This dog isn’t too fussy, he only bark if meet stranger thus it will fit as alarm dog.Chihuahua has 2 kind of fur: smooth coat and long coat. Both can be crossed, not like Dachshund or Fox Terrier that can’t be crossed if the furs types are differ. A female qualified Chihuahua can only deliver 1-3 puppies. The delivery process often needs veterinarian help, because Chihuahua get tired fast, they also may need Caesar process.
Its new born puppy’s weight about 60 – 90 grams with length of body about 10 cm, unfortunately the mortality rate of the puppies are quite high. The growth also fast among all breeds. Sometimes 4 months old Chihuahua puppy can be as high as its adult. So an intensive care is required, because if only an hour of growth phase is disturbed by disease, the next growing process will be affected.
Its care could be very easy, mainly from the food. An adult Chihuahua only needs 50 grams of dog food premium quality daily. Thus, the feces amount will be very small. They also can live in small apartment or house and the most important, they are very cute and attached.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

unique dog picture

this picture shows clearly that by using some symbols we can make a dog picture. If we see more detail, there are smiley, avast, box, phone, and other symbols. It is creative, isn't it?

hearted puppy

Someone proudly introduce her/his puppy, because this chihuahua puppy has heart-shaped coat.Beside that, the chihuahua puppy, like all puppy, have innocent eyes which can make us melt just from looking them.

puppy bouquet

This unique bouquet is form two puppies and made from flower. They are like Yorkie puppies, right?! But they are so cute and in the first sight maybe we all think that the picture is a puppies picture.

naughty puppy

this naughty siberian picture show that the puppy is trying to eat other puppy's mouth. Maybe they are only playing, or they are trying to kissing. Although in that pose. they are still really look cute!

costume for dog and puppy!

costume for dog and puppy! Here are some pictures of dog and puppy in cute and unique costume. Some of them can be ordered in In this site we can see the example of the costume, the price, and the way to ordering.why costuming your dog or puppy? because sometime we want make our dog looks more cute and fresh right? sometimes we find that we bored of the way our dog looks daily. we also need costume in the dog competition, in our special event, in their wedding party, or when we let them walks around. and look how cute they'll be with vary costume.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Siberian Husky Coat

cute siberian husky puppySiberian Husky dogs have double coated (consist of two kinds of coat: rough and smooth). The smooth coat named undercoat, and the rough named outercoat. Undercoat function is as insulation which protects Siberian Husky dogs from cold whether. This dogs itself used to be a sleigh puller. That’s why they need thick and waterproof coat, but this thing caused the coat is difficult to be dried after bathing. If we only dried under the sunlight, only the outer coat become dry, but the inner coat still moisture. This prone Siberian Husky dogs of having skin disease.
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why dogs are human best friends?

It’s almost impossible to not be touched by the unique loyalty shown by dogs, even if you are a strictly cats lover. Buddhists believe that when Buddha died, he summoned all animals but only 12 species (one of them was dogs) reached him before his death. He rewarded those animal with a year of their own, which now known as Chinese Zodiacs.cute puppies pictureAlthough not all breed are friendly naturally, but in emerge condition, they can show incredible thing. They are used in Alzheimer disease therapy and in clinical setting for terminal ill. Also consider about this facts: at least 5 families were saved from fire because of their dogs in 19-30 th of January 2008. All of those things reinforced that dogs are human best friends. But if puppy2u blog faced with that question, the answer still subjectively taken.

The History of Siberian Husky

Siberian husky dog at first are developed by Chukchi, East Asia people as sleigh puller. And in 1909, some of these canines were brought to Alaska to follow long distance competition. From here, their defense and speed started to known. When Diphtheria attack Nome city in Alaska which is a rural area there, dogs estafette team were sent to bring vaccine to them from Neana, faraway enough from Nome. One of the riders, Leonhard Seppala, rides his Siberian husky which is the original breed from Siberia to US. When he was in England, he followed sleigh puller dog competition and proved this canine strength above other local dogs. England gave appreciation to this breed in 1930, and Siberian husky club was developed in America in 1938.siberian husky puppiesNowadays, the numbers of Siberian husky in America are increase sharply. The American Siberian husky club really concern about this because the demand of this canine is increase thus the quality of the puppy is tend to neglected. To keep their quality, puppy2u blog suggest you to contact the Siberian husky member club who registered in each area. The breeder will determine the standard of this puppy according to ethic codes. In the protection of reputable breeder, you are guaranteed of right information about the dog development.

Don’t Buy Siberian Husky Puppy

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siberian husky dogsSiberian husky dogs have some special characters which are differ from other breeds. not suggesting you to not buy Siberian husky for sale, but puppy2u blog only want to give some advices to dog lovers who will not fit with this breed in order to keep this canine fulfilled with love and not being other street dogs outside there. So, watch for these criteria list to exclude Siberian husky from your choice.
1. These dogs are live in cluster or need friend –other dogs or human any time. If you are not in home all day long or there is no other people who can take care of this canine, you should not choose Siberian husky puppy, or he will be neglected all the time.
2. This breeds are really interesting to other people, they also friendly with stranger. If you want to have puppy which only stick to one people, this puppy is not the right choice.
3. Although Siberian husky dogs are looks like wolf, they are not aggressive canines. If you want to find guard dog, they can’t included into your list.
4. Siberian husky shedding coat at least once a year, so if you are not want to see coat everywhere, not choose this one.
5. Naturally, the puppies like digging soil in yard, if you like beautiful garden, seems like it add excluding criteria for the puppy.
6. Siberian husky puppies and dogs are really like to run everywhere. But to protect and prevent them to be lost somewhere, it is better to keep them in dog stall or collar. If you think that those step are too cruel to puppy, think about not to buy this puppy.
All of those lists are the consideration from puppy2u blog, we hope it can help you to determine the right breed.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chihuahua Puppy Picture

chihuahua puppy dog cuteChihuahua puppy picture which playing with his chihuahua doll.

Crossed Kintamani Puppy

breed kintamani puppies dogsKintamani dog sometimes crossed with local dog in Bali. this result in puppies which coat similar to Kintamani dog but has collapsed ears. Little bit looks like Golden Retriever, but actually different. picture above is the sample of this breed.

Walking Puppies

training puppiesWalks is good for human. it can train our heart to deliver blood through body, it also rule in puppy or dog. they can get benefit from taking walk daily, but the requirement of exercise for each puppy is differ depend on their type. for instance, those puppies on the picture are look happy and free, like they enjoy walks very much. so from that picture we can take a message that walks make your puppy happier.

Kintamani Puppies

kintamani puppies cuteKintamani Puppy is a unique canine from Bali. They have stand triangle ears with steady body and great strength. Kintamani Puppy is quite cute looking, but when they are growing become an adult dog, they really look gentle and good looking. they grow well in cool climate.

white kintamani puppy cute

Cute Sleepy Puppy

cute puppy sleepyCute puppy : sleepy mode ON. Need puppy bed immediately. Warning...the eyes cannot cope this condition anymore...

Swiming Dog

dogs puppies can swimMany dogs can swim well, sometimes some of us try to copy their style of swimming. The movement of dog when they are swimming are very simple but also need powerful stamina. Watch for their action inside water and try to do the same movement till you can float like them, and you will feel tired if you do not have great stamina as athlete.

Sleeping Puppies Photo

puppies photo sleep dog
Picture of sleeping puppies look like they loving, caring, and protecting each other. how sweet if young puppies can act like that. The puppy trainer must be very happy of train them.They even can be obedience dog fast and cheaply, because we only need little cost for brief training.

Sleeping Puppy Picture

sleep puppy picture dogSleeping Puppy Picture above is very natural -really felt in slept. The puppy also pictured as confortably sleeping on the beach chair. And is completed with straw hat, icy coke, and shoes. Make us jealous with this puppy's pleasureful.

Chihuahua Puppy Puppet

chihuahua puppies dogs puppet
The puppet of chihuahua puppy above -like the post before -is sold by With pink background color, the puppy looks cuter, graceful, energetic, loving, and happy. Moreover, the real chihuahua's general characters are almost likes the image shown by the puppet picture.

Beagle Puppy Puppet

beagle puppy puppet dog
Beagle puppy puppet which is standing on the picture above is promoted by and is sold in good price. The puppet can stand well and express energetic face and posture, just like the natural character of the real beagle puppy. Really, the design is very alive!

Beagle Puppy Doll

beagle puppy dog doll
Sleeping beagle puppy doll, like a real puppy at first sight, but when we look carefully, its only a doll or puppet. This puppy puppet detail was made precisely so can imitate the real canine. Its material also precise enough as puppy coat. The design of the doll also cute and innocent, like the beagle photo in other post before.

Struggler Puppy

puppies dogs
The puppy was very strong, he can live without his two front legs which are changed by wheel feet. whatever the cause of amputation, this fact teach us to be strong with all trouble happen in our life. Don't give up, because there must be a hope to us.
Keep puppy!

Dog Agility Training

The dog agility sometimes is thing that is made as an aspect when a canine is judged in a competition. Besides, the owner becomes very proud if their dog agility is better than others, and it is greater if their pet is agile. Many training strategy can be applied to achieve good agility, and here are some steps to sharpen your dog agility:
The basic pleasant way to training dog or puppy is playing. Do some types of dog game, first do the simple one. Teach them how to play the game and don't forget to add some rules into the game, for example if the dog are passing a stick that is placed horizontally in front of them, they must jump it.dogs puppies agility training
In some commands, use your dog's name. Command followed by their name can be very effective, but it may be has a strong meaning by the dog- they have to do it responsively. So if you want your dog response your command seriously, you can use their name. Beside that, instructing your dog what you want they do, not what you don’t want them do. It is little bit like teaching child, using positive sentence is more effective than negative command, so do the dog. The directional commands, positions and object names should be more intense than the reprimands.
Be sure to work extensively through every part of the obstacle. This includes jumps, tunnels, poles, contact approaches, zig-zag, contact zones, etc. Look at, signal at, and command every obstacle. Be clear and deliberate with your instructions. It will give effect to your dog; they can do it in an appropriate time. Also give command before reach the obstacle.
Dog sometimes like human, so like us, they also can be taught effectively if you don't show anger when you feel it or intentionally to make them afraid. Never punish your dog when they're didn't do well, remember it is only a game, and always reward you dog and praise them for a well done job.
Dog need time to do command well, even a professional athlete need time to know what to do to be an expert, so be patient and don’t give up. Keep focusing of the game or training program, and do reinforcement of the good things without anger to your dog.
Finally, regular and constant training your dog with appropriate way is important to reach the agility.

Naughty Puppy Picture

naughty puppy picture
This naughty puppy picture show that the puppy ruin the roll tissue. "tissue everywhere, and i love it!" think the puppy. his innocent pace when captured by camera seems like he only playing, not making any fault. puppy2u think that this canine want to dry himself with all those tissue, however the puppy only can tear tissue rather than apply them to his body. this because the coat is wet and the puppy is taking an absorb-able thing.
Not seriously ^^^
when we faced to naughty puppy, some of us think that this puppy has to train in obedience school. but some of us will think that the naughtiness of the puppy is funny, and increase the sweetness of these puppy.

Kintamani Dog and Puppy, Nice Canine from BALI

white kintamani dogs

Kintamani dog is a dog from Kintamani, which has mountainous climate in Bali Island, Indonesia. This canine is unique, because they can be differentiated well from other local dog in Bali. They also can be black, white, red-white coated. For specific character of kintamani dog or puppy could be described as:
A worker canine with moderately sized, have strong muscle and bone, as mountainous dog, they have moderately long coat. They also have similarity with spitz canine and the primitive
type of Basenji, Chow Chow, and Samoyed.
Generally kintamani puppy and dog are brave, alert, agile, and suspicious. They also a great guard dog, faithful, loyal to whole owner family and also to their owner. This canine likes to attack other dog or pets that enter their authorized area, and dig the soil as protection.
black kintamani dogs
Kintamani dog can be classified into 4 kinds:
1. White coated with few red nuance, red-brown color at ears, back tight, and tip of tail.
2. Full black coated or with little white color at their chest.
3. Mild brown or dark brown with black spout tip, local community in Bali name this variety as “Bang-bungkem”
4. Mild brown based with black striped, the Kintamani’s community named it as “Poleng” color or “Anggrek”.
Male kintamani canine is 45-55 cm tall and for the female, 40-45cm tall. Most of them are white colored with red nuance and have red-brown on the ear tips.

Chihuahua Puppy Characteristic

chihuahua puppy photo

Chihuahua puppy is the smallest among all breed, and is named after Chihuahua region in Mexico. It is believed that this breed is descended by larger in size ancient which highly prized in ancient Aztec royalty.
Nowadays there are two varieties of this dog: the smooth coat and the long coat. The smooth one has soft, glossy, and close coat with full texture, but quite scantly in head and ears. The long coat has soft and longer coat can be little bit curly or flat, with under coat. Both vary in color: brown, black, white. May be solid in color or tricolor with average shedding.

Chihuahua puppies are individualistic breed which has their own unique characters in each of them. This condition makes only little generalization of their character that could be made. These puppies are often imaged as “Chi” which are energetic, graceful, and show human like expression. They are also very loving and loyal. Beside that, they are a type of puppies that only can extremely stick with one or two people. Chihuahua is gentle and sweet tempered dog but is wary if stranger. Other than that, they are not suitable for children and other pet; however they can socialize with their own kind very well.chihuahua puppies cute
Chihuahua dog only need minimal grooming. For the smooth coated variety, only need occasional brushing. And for the long coated variety, should be brushed several times a week with soft bristle brush. Both are only need once a month bathing with mild shampoo. The caution care is to remember, not to let water go into their ears, because this dogs are prone to have ear infection. Dental hygiene to this breed is also a must to prevent teeth loss. They also affected by health issues such as heart disease or eye problem. This puppy or dog also doesn’t tolerate cold climates, but Chihuahua have longer life span than other breed which has larger body.
The puppy may be difficult to train but if the training is done patiently, full of love, and consistently, Chihuahua can do it well. Their responds are good in positive environment. This puppy also can be trained indoor with wood or paper. For the requirement of their exercise playing indoors is enough, but they also can enjoy walking outdoor with their owner. So, use the dog harness on their neck when you and your puppy takes a walk. The socialization for the puppy is also a must to do.