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Friday, October 23, 2009

tips to clean dog hair easily

We often find dogs hair everywhere in the furniture or floor as they playing around house. And we’ll have to clean the hair up, and feel tired of that. Here some tips to handle dog’s hair:
• Brushing and combing your dog’s hair daily will help keep hair from showing up on clothing and furniture, especially during shedding season.
• Put an easy-to-wash dog blanket on chairs, couches or pet beds.
• Clean filters in dryers, air conditioners and furnaces regularly.
• On carpets and rugs, use a vacuum cleaner with both a beater bar and a brush.
• For hardwood floors, spray an anti-dust spray on the mop, let it settle and mop.

• Use damp paper towels or a damp cloth to wipe down counters or corners.
• Use a damp cloth, paper towel or rubber glove on upholstery, bedding and drapes. Rub in one direction only.
• Clothing: Tape rollers are best. Or, use wide packing or masking tape rolled sticky side out around your hand. Keep a tape roller in the car.
• Velour brushes also work well on clothing and upholstery. Rub in one direction to remove hair, rub in the other direction to remove hair from the brush.
• Washable items: Shake them out and use one of the above methods to remove most of the hair. "Dry clean" some items, such as cushions, in a dryer set on "air" along with a damp towel and fabric softener sheet.

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