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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

more about chihuahua

Chihuahua firstly found in Mexico, 1850. This canine used to be a sacrifice animal in Aztec era. If an Aztec noble dead, Chihuahua always grieved together with the corpse, because it’s believed that the dog can lead the noble spirit to reach paradise. The breed that we know now is a cross of Toltec canine, Chinese crested, and Techichi.
Chihuahua is the smallest dog in this world, we’ve all know it. Its adult body weight is about 1-2.7 kg with height 20cm from toe till back. This dog isn’t too fussy, he only bark if meet stranger thus it will fit as alarm dog.Chihuahua has 2 kind of fur: smooth coat and long coat. Both can be crossed, not like Dachshund or Fox Terrier that can’t be crossed if the furs types are differ. A female qualified Chihuahua can only deliver 1-3 puppies. The delivery process often needs veterinarian help, because Chihuahua get tired fast, they also may need Caesar process.
Its new born puppy’s weight about 60 – 90 grams with length of body about 10 cm, unfortunately the mortality rate of the puppies are quite high. The growth also fast among all breeds. Sometimes 4 months old Chihuahua puppy can be as high as its adult. So an intensive care is required, because if only an hour of growth phase is disturbed by disease, the next growing process will be affected.
Its care could be very easy, mainly from the food. An adult Chihuahua only needs 50 grams of dog food premium quality daily. Thus, the feces amount will be very small. They also can live in small apartment or house and the most important, they are very cute and attached.

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