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Thursday, September 3, 2009

why dogs are human best friends?

It’s almost impossible to not be touched by the unique loyalty shown by dogs, even if you are a strictly cats lover. Buddhists believe that when Buddha died, he summoned all animals but only 12 species (one of them was dogs) reached him before his death. He rewarded those animal with a year of their own, which now known as Chinese Zodiacs.cute puppies pictureAlthough not all breed are friendly naturally, but in emerge condition, they can show incredible thing. They are used in Alzheimer disease therapy and in clinical setting for terminal ill. Also consider about this facts: at least 5 families were saved from fire because of their dogs in 19-30 th of January 2008. All of those things reinforced that dogs are human best friends. But if puppy2u blog faced with that question, the answer still subjectively taken.

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