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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Don’t Buy Siberian Husky Puppy

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siberian husky dogsSiberian husky dogs have some special characters which are differ from other breeds. not suggesting you to not buy Siberian husky for sale, but puppy2u blog only want to give some advices to dog lovers who will not fit with this breed in order to keep this canine fulfilled with love and not being other street dogs outside there. So, watch for these criteria list to exclude Siberian husky from your choice.
1. These dogs are live in cluster or need friend –other dogs or human any time. If you are not in home all day long or there is no other people who can take care of this canine, you should not choose Siberian husky puppy, or he will be neglected all the time.
2. This breeds are really interesting to other people, they also friendly with stranger. If you want to have puppy which only stick to one people, this puppy is not the right choice.
3. Although Siberian husky dogs are looks like wolf, they are not aggressive canines. If you want to find guard dog, they can’t included into your list.
4. Siberian husky shedding coat at least once a year, so if you are not want to see coat everywhere, not choose this one.
5. Naturally, the puppies like digging soil in yard, if you like beautiful garden, seems like it add excluding criteria for the puppy.
6. Siberian husky puppies and dogs are really like to run everywhere. But to protect and prevent them to be lost somewhere, it is better to keep them in dog stall or collar. If you think that those step are too cruel to puppy, think about not to buy this puppy.
All of those lists are the consideration from puppy2u blog, we hope it can help you to determine the right breed.

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