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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dog Agility Training

The dog agility sometimes is thing that is made as an aspect when a canine is judged in a competition. Besides, the owner becomes very proud if their dog agility is better than others, and it is greater if their pet is agile. Many training strategy can be applied to achieve good agility, and here are some steps to sharpen your dog agility:
The basic pleasant way to training dog or puppy is playing. Do some types of dog game, first do the simple one. Teach them how to play the game and don't forget to add some rules into the game, for example if the dog are passing a stick that is placed horizontally in front of them, they must jump it.dogs puppies agility training
In some commands, use your dog's name. Command followed by their name can be very effective, but it may be has a strong meaning by the dog- they have to do it responsively. So if you want your dog response your command seriously, you can use their name. Beside that, instructing your dog what you want they do, not what you don’t want them do. It is little bit like teaching child, using positive sentence is more effective than negative command, so do the dog. The directional commands, positions and object names should be more intense than the reprimands.
Be sure to work extensively through every part of the obstacle. This includes jumps, tunnels, poles, contact approaches, zig-zag, contact zones, etc. Look at, signal at, and command every obstacle. Be clear and deliberate with your instructions. It will give effect to your dog; they can do it in an appropriate time. Also give command before reach the obstacle.
Dog sometimes like human, so like us, they also can be taught effectively if you don't show anger when you feel it or intentionally to make them afraid. Never punish your dog when they're didn't do well, remember it is only a game, and always reward you dog and praise them for a well done job.
Dog need time to do command well, even a professional athlete need time to know what to do to be an expert, so be patient and don’t give up. Keep focusing of the game or training program, and do reinforcement of the good things without anger to your dog.
Finally, regular and constant training your dog with appropriate way is important to reach the agility.

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