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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chihuahua Puppy Characteristic

chihuahua puppy photo

Chihuahua puppy is the smallest among all breed, and is named after Chihuahua region in Mexico. It is believed that this breed is descended by larger in size ancient which highly prized in ancient Aztec royalty.
Nowadays there are two varieties of this dog: the smooth coat and the long coat. The smooth one has soft, glossy, and close coat with full texture, but quite scantly in head and ears. The long coat has soft and longer coat can be little bit curly or flat, with under coat. Both vary in color: brown, black, white. May be solid in color or tricolor with average shedding.

Chihuahua puppies are individualistic breed which has their own unique characters in each of them. This condition makes only little generalization of their character that could be made. These puppies are often imaged as “Chi” which are energetic, graceful, and show human like expression. They are also very loving and loyal. Beside that, they are a type of puppies that only can extremely stick with one or two people. Chihuahua is gentle and sweet tempered dog but is wary if stranger. Other than that, they are not suitable for children and other pet; however they can socialize with their own kind very well.chihuahua puppies cute
Chihuahua dog only need minimal grooming. For the smooth coated variety, only need occasional brushing. And for the long coated variety, should be brushed several times a week with soft bristle brush. Both are only need once a month bathing with mild shampoo. The caution care is to remember, not to let water go into their ears, because this dogs are prone to have ear infection. Dental hygiene to this breed is also a must to prevent teeth loss. They also affected by health issues such as heart disease or eye problem. This puppy or dog also doesn’t tolerate cold climates, but Chihuahua have longer life span than other breed which has larger body.
The puppy may be difficult to train but if the training is done patiently, full of love, and consistently, Chihuahua can do it well. Their responds are good in positive environment. This puppy also can be trained indoor with wood or paper. For the requirement of their exercise playing indoors is enough, but they also can enjoy walking outdoor with their owner. So, use the dog harness on their neck when you and your puppy takes a walk. The socialization for the puppy is also a must to do.

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