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Thursday, September 3, 2009

The History of Siberian Husky

Siberian husky dog at first are developed by Chukchi, East Asia people as sleigh puller. And in 1909, some of these canines were brought to Alaska to follow long distance competition. From here, their defense and speed started to known. When Diphtheria attack Nome city in Alaska which is a rural area there, dogs estafette team were sent to bring vaccine to them from Neana, faraway enough from Nome. One of the riders, Leonhard Seppala, rides his Siberian husky which is the original breed from Siberia to US. When he was in England, he followed sleigh puller dog competition and proved this canine strength above other local dogs. England gave appreciation to this breed in 1930, and Siberian husky club was developed in America in 1938.siberian husky puppiesNowadays, the numbers of Siberian husky in America are increase sharply. The American Siberian husky club really concern about this because the demand of this canine is increase thus the quality of the puppy is tend to neglected. To keep their quality, puppy2u blog suggest you to contact the Siberian husky member club who registered in each area. The breeder will determine the standard of this puppy according to ethic codes. In the protection of reputable breeder, you are guaranteed of right information about the dog development.

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