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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

exercise and training of siberian husky

The exercise requirements of the Siberian husky are considerable. Huskies have been bred to run. Daily on-lead walking, running, hiking, biking, also will keep him fit and happy in your company. Allowing free running exercise in an unenclosed environment poses the risk of the dog being lost, run over, or shot by a farmer. If you are unable or unwilling to provide a great deal of controlled exercise, including mentally stimulating activities, then the Siberian is not the right breed for you. To avoid crippling stress-related injury to developing bones and joints care must be taken not to over-exercise the growing puppies.Basic obedience training is important to gain the respect of the dog and to instill good manners. An agreeable and willing worker the Siberian will obey commands readily once he has understood their meaning. Siberian Huskies are rarely fazed by new situations, experiences, or people, but it is wise to thoroughly socialize the dog from an early age to ensure that he grows to be a confident, outgoing adult.

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