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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kintamani Dog and Puppy, Nice Canine from BALI

white kintamani dogs

Kintamani dog is a dog from Kintamani, which has mountainous climate in Bali Island, Indonesia. This canine is unique, because they can be differentiated well from other local dog in Bali. They also can be black, white, red-white coated. For specific character of kintamani dog or puppy could be described as:
A worker canine with moderately sized, have strong muscle and bone, as mountainous dog, they have moderately long coat. They also have similarity with spitz canine and the primitive
type of Basenji, Chow Chow, and Samoyed.
Generally kintamani puppy and dog are brave, alert, agile, and suspicious. They also a great guard dog, faithful, loyal to whole owner family and also to their owner. This canine likes to attack other dog or pets that enter their authorized area, and dig the soil as protection.
black kintamani dogs
Kintamani dog can be classified into 4 kinds:
1. White coated with few red nuance, red-brown color at ears, back tight, and tip of tail.
2. Full black coated or with little white color at their chest.
3. Mild brown or dark brown with black spout tip, local community in Bali name this variety as “Bang-bungkem”
4. Mild brown based with black striped, the Kintamani’s community named it as “Poleng” color or “Anggrek”.
Male kintamani canine is 45-55 cm tall and for the female, 40-45cm tall. Most of them are white colored with red nuance and have red-brown on the ear tips.

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